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Those are the very words I typed in response to the best, sweetest, most unexpected acceptance e-mail I've had in years. I typed other things too, in my rush of excitement, I had no idea what I was saying, I was just so elated that my story was one of SIX (yes, six) out of 100+ submissions to be selected.

Among other lovely things, the editor of "Southword" wrote: "...I just wanted you to know that your story blew me away, and this is the first acceptance I am sending out. I love it!"

I am doubly pleased that the editor of this issue happens to be somebody I admire both as a person and a writer: none other than the wonderful Tania Hershman, who really knows how to encourage writers, and fully deserves the success she enjoys in the writing world. I don't just mean this acceptance-- Tania is one of the kindest, most generous, and least snobbish of writers. I was fortunate enough to meet her through her short story site "The Short Review" a couple of y…


I haven't been in the best of writing moods lately... But it does please me when something of mine is finally published, even if it's a tiny little haiku, like this one that's just appeared in 7 x 20.Here it is.


Wow! I'm in LITRO's Climate Issue. I submitted without having any high hopes, in fact without any hope whatsoever... and there I am, together with the brilliant Tania Hershman and other talented writers. Thank you to the editors of this great publication: you really made my day, my month, my year...It's a small miracle.