Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Y is for Youth

Metazen is preparing an e-book of Male + Female stories, written by men and women. You have to choose a word from a list of words each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet... and write a story of up to 5 paragraphs.
So I chose Y for Youth. It includes a Brazilian and a favela. It includes a dream.
It brought tears to somebody's eyes.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm (sort of) Back... with Big News

Well, what a hectic few weeks! Had a couple of acceptances, a few "maybe"s, and I think a "no".
but the Really Big News is...
... a chapbook of my "fairy-tale" related short stories is going to be published by Folded Word in 2011!
I'm really excited. Big thanks to Jessi Graustein for encouraging me from the word "go".

Participation in "Sardam: Alternative Literary Festival"

A performance of my work "Tempus Fugit" in October 2016.                Photos by Ore.