Friday, December 25, 2009

A Conversation with Angels

This was the story I contributed to the Metazen Christmas Charity Book.

A Conversation with Angels

She insists she’s late because of the angels.

She tells me they’re white and have dark faces. They keep her company before school. When they do, she oversleeps and misses the bus.

They are silent. They never say a word. They don’t know that her mother beats her, that her father spits and drinks.

I teach her words like iridescent, redolence, unutterable, so she’ll impress the mute angels while they sit around her, speechless with amazement, sipping rosewater cordial or mint tea.

Nora Nadjarian

Other contributors include Cynthia Reeser, Tania Hershman, Finnegan Flawnt, Frank Hinton, Gerry Hayes, Katie McCullough, xTx, Boudreau Freret and Paul Handley. You can read all the stories here.

All proceeds will go to the Sunrise Children’s Village Orphanage in Siam Reap, Cambodia. If you would still like to donate, click here.


  1. Hey Nora – the Metazen book's great, glad to see you in it.

    Happy Christmas!