Monday, December 7, 2009

And the winner is...

Metazen is an online fiction zine that publishes short fiction and poetry by various authors. In November, it launched a contest asking authors to write 3-sentence stories based on a number of selected pictures. I entered for the fun of it and was delighted to get an honourable mention for "Wolf".

Here is my personal favourite- a story I wrote, inspired by the photo on the left.


Many centuries later the world turned green, and the girl wanted to be a tree.
She selected a leaf at random and whispered to it.
I am Eve, don’t you recognize me?

Here is my story "Wolf" inspired by this photo:


Of course there will be other lives.

Then why do I stand facing my end as if it was calling me from my past, howling like a snowstorm of love and hate and cold and right and wrong, crying with me and laughing at my regret and confusion, reminding me of everything on this earth that I never underst

The whiteness enters me, and all I know is that there was once a girl I should never have touched.

Congratulations to all, and especially to the winner Finnegan Flawnt, whose entry you can read here. Other notable entries by Ani Boghossian, Cyn Kuhn, Matthew Hamilton, Boudreau Freret and Katie McCullough.