Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Over the Wall - and Over the Moon

I recently went to Berlin to read poetry at the brilliant Literaturwerkstatt. Some of my poems were translated into German by Christa Schuenke, I was introduced to the German public by Ron Winkler and Brigitte Oleschinski. I felt honoured and humbled.

I walked through a hole in remnants of die Mauer, took photos, was inspired. I could hardly recognise any of the streets or buildings... Berlin changes, moves on, all the time, it seems to me.

A few weeks after my return (yesterday, to be exact) I found out that Dorothee Lang of BluePrintPress has chosen my micro-novel "The Republic of Love" for publication this summer!

Now I am totally over the moon.

Some details here.

And more details to follow...


  1. Thanks Nik! Great to hear from you :)

  2. Nora, that's amazing news, huge congratulations! You know how much I love your writing, can't wait to read your micro-novel... and find out what a micro-novel is!!

  3. Thanks Eric and Tania!
    "Micro-novel"... The project is under way and I'll definitely be telling you more about it very soon! Watch this space :)