Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Republic of Love

So here it is. I am thrilled to announce the publication of my first micro novel "THE REPUBLIC OF LOVE".

Micro novels are hand-made books that fit in an airmail envelope. Their size and page count is defined by standard airmail format and weight: 24 pages, Din A6.

"The Republic of Love" is one of two micro novels published by Blueprintpress this summer, the other one being "My Apartment" by Michael K. White. Both micro novels are offered as signed author copies, hand-made limited editions. They will arrive at your doorstep with international air mail, and are available as single volumes, or as bundle. See order details here.

And here is the "blurb":
In flashbacks and dream-like sequences, parts of a woman's life unravel before us, but we are never certain what is real and what is not in "The Republic of Love "... details, author info, excerpt.