Monday, June 20, 2011

Putting It Into Words...

Do you remember the palace, the stairs, the part where Cinderella’s coach turned back into a pumpkin? Do you remember the fairy tales you read and the dreams you had as a girl? And do you remember when everything you ever believed in was shattered? Have you any idea how to put that into words?

Glass Slippers

"The girl took off the glass slippers and ran. Her bare feet hurt, and yet she had to run, to tell the fairy godmother that it was two minutes to midnight. With three seconds to go, she dropped the slippers and banged on the door:

I’m here, she said in a barely audible, exhausted voice. I’m here.

Just before the door opened, she looked down at her feet and then at the broken pieces of glass. She was so shattered that she thought her feet were the slippers and the broken slippers were her feet. She looked from one to the other in amazement."

from "Girl, Wolf, Bones" by Nora Nadjarian  (Folded Word, 2011)

Note: This is a special blog post for the upcoming edition #7 of the >Language>Place blog carnival, hosted by Julia Davies, a practised reader & practising writer who lives in Germany and blogs at Practice Makes Perfect. The theme for edition #7: "unwritten language / unnamed places".


  1. Oh yes - you've captured it ... well done!

  2. so powerful. the final line delivers the whole story of losing the sense of one's self in one sentence.

  3. yes. and saved the shards of glass to remind me...

    well done!

    sherry o'keefe