Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Surprise

Some time ago I read that Thunderclap Issue Four was out: "90 pages packed with nothing but love. In fact, if love punched you in the face, reading this issue is what it would feel like." I was intrigued.

Then, I read that to win a copy of this lovely book, they asked for a poem of EXACTLY 30 words about the Holiday Season. I rose to the challenge and rapidly composed something that pleased me. I sent it off and rapidly (and completely) forgot about it. Here it is:

We’ve been through all of that:
Snow and Santa and sledges and Smirnoff.

This Christmas, write me a poem.
Wrap your voice with ribbons.
Kiss me with words.
Enchant me.

-Nora Nadjarian

Today, I accidentally found out that I have won a copy of the book! What a lovely Christmas surprise. Thanks, Amanda Deo - and Happy Christmas, all!

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